I have hardly seen a tennis match. Ok, maybe one. Fine, at most two. But still my heart is shattered to see them like this ,even if I have not seen their magic on court.

As a child,the main attraction for me in the newspaper had to be the sports section. Why? Because it has one complete page dedicated to Indian cricket and that was the only thing I could understand of all the things mentioned in the newspaper as I used to watch cricket vividly. Apparently , I had this habit of opening the newspaper from the back. Apart from the most evident faces whom I would see on TV most of the time,there would be some other faces too who would appear frequently. Whom I have never seen on TV and I was totally unaware about the sports they play.But over the time, I started recognising them and knowing them by reading the articles written under their large posters. I got to know about Serena Williams, Venus , Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer from those articles.

Speaking of Roger and Rafael, I remember , it didn’t take me much time to understand that these are the two exemplary tennis players. Both of them have different approaches and attitude while playing but they were eyeing that same thing. Like two paths leading to that one single destination which is called greatness. And when someone chooses between the two of them, it totally depends on their own traits and the characteristics that they see in them. So, that is the only thing I knew about them. Definitely, I am not going to miss these two playing against each other on court, how could I? I have never seen them playing at all.

But still, this farewell felt personal. Seeing Roger cry pained me a lot. How his face depicted that he doesn’t want to leave all this but he has to. His heart is aching realising his journey has come to an end and he will never experience the same thing again. I too have felt the same emotion at different stages in my life: when I was leaving my 10th school ,12th school , or even my colleges.

Seeing Rafael crying was personal too. He knew that he has and will play against many great players but there will not be another Roger. He will not witness the same opponent again. Haven’t I felt the same on my last day of school/college/company when I was leaving my mentors or friends.

And lastly I was crying too. I, who has no fucking idea about how great these players are on the court. But this made me sad too. Because not only it took away a part of my childhood where I have pictured myself understanding them from reading their match articles. But it also subtly made me realised the darkest and absolute truth of our lives. The truth which I always find myself running from.

That beautiful things always comes to an end….


Q itni aabad si hai tu!

Context: Our first love is life. The author is expressing his dissatisfaction with his love( which is life in this poem). So, any negative word in the poem should not be seen as a strong expression of contempt for life, but rather as a complaint made by a lover to his beloved.

Title: Q itni aabad si hai tu!!

Ae zindagi q itni barbaad si hai tu!

Jahan dekho to ulajh jaati hai
palat ti hai, ya fir kabhi tu sehem jaati hai
Har waqt kaboo rakhne ki koshish mein hun tujhe
Bta mujhe, q itni azaad si hai tu!!
Ae zindagi q itni barbaad si hai tu!!

Kabhi mujhe bhi mauka de befikra hone ka
Nachne ka, jhumne ka, bekhauf sone ka
Har samay sambhalne ki jatozehet mein hun tujhe
Bta to,q itni khaas si hai tu!!
Ae zindagi q itni barbaad si hai tu!!

Main bhi bebaak hona chahta hun
Pyaar karta hun,par beiman saa hona chahta hun
Subh shaam- har peher manata rhta hun tujhe
Bta,q itni naraz si hai tu!!
Ae zindagi q itni barbaad si hai tu!!

Kabhi tu bhi to sambhal mujhe
Galtiyan karun bhatak jaaun, to zara sa thaam mujhe
Kabhi tu bhi to do waqt nikal k puch le mujhse
Ki ae khuda k bande! q itta pareshan sa hai tu!!
Ae zindagi q itni barbaad si hai tu!!

~ Arushi

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What will they say?

What will they say?
the persistent voice in my ears
to my dismay

It never leaves me alone
as it pretends hard to be my best friend
though, unknown

I was angry and scared, forced to consider it
to be a way of life,
started to woo them by all my might

I feared,I geared,I worked up hard
I did all the possible things
to gain their regard

But to my utter disgust, I failed.
I failed to impress them from all that I have,
and those voices in my ears prevailed

Why on the earth I cannot be free?
These are the voices that bind us
together, you see

But I should be me,
That is true; they said, but
we cannot then how could you be?


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Picture 2
So simple yet so strange,
On one hand, it bids farewell
on another, it doesn’t let you estrange

They say it makes you all aware,
Of the things, that matter
But, it also brings back to the first stair

They argue it allows you to move on
from the ones, suffocated,
and at times it makes you cry till the dawn

They claim it entitles others to evacuate
from the strangle place,
but sometimes, why do they fall back from their free state

They insist, it prepares for your next hello
by letting you evolve
but at times it only resisted you, to grow

They say, it lets the door gaping,
for you might return to each other
But why do you feel the walls are already shaking!!

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Why Is She Like this?

I peeped outside to see,
If she still doesn’t need me?

To the stars sparkling so bright
Do they wish me a good night?

To the moon shining in the sky,
Will it still sing a lullaby if I cry?

I wonder why there is so much resistance
Does she question my existence?

Or is it I have exploited her so much,
That she is annoyed even by my touch.

Or is it just one of her mood swings,
And she wants me to attach no strings!!

Is it about the negligence towards her,
And maybe she found out that I am a sucker!!

Maybe she is angry because I did not desist
And when she was crying in pain, I didnot even kiss!!



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I wander to places to look
People like me, I want to hook
To my despair,there are only those
From whom farewell bids I took…

I started to enquire
Maybe some fixes are required
Not to the whole world I guess
But I need to switch off my fire

Is there no place here?
Where I can find my set of pair
Then where should I go
Are there any leaps to cross, I may dare!!!

If I even exist, I want to tell
Be flexible enough to dwell(life’s imperfections)
And the end it all depends on you
Whether to buy it or to sell!!



Staying intact

You are afraid to get naked not in front of others but in front of yourself also…..and that’s the only thought for which you are fighting throughout your life:not to get peeled off(staying intact)
Get naked and life is simple 😜

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Have you felt the pain ?

Pain which disturbs your soul,
Pain of not knowing your role!!

Pain of the childhood left behind,
Pain of entering adulthood which is not so kind!!

Pain of the new turns life is taking,
Pain of the new human being in the making!!

Pain of leaving all the learnings they preached,
Pain ~ because the preacher himself says that ‘they’ are to be breached!!

Pain of not living your dreams,
Pain of those dreams which are now just the dreams!!

Pain of not knowing from where to start,
Pain of realising how this high time will soon depart!!

Pain of missing all that spark,
Pain when you see its soon to be dark!!

Pain of not reaching your ‘HOME’,
Pain these pain gives while you roam!!!


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The sun has set,the lights turn dim,
The hush steps in,and suddenly my life turned grim…

Though the sweet hen lady always enquires me the reason about my woe,
But I myself don’t know the exact reasons to throw!!!

Many a times I wanted to fly and to step out of this door,
I tried to push it-to push it harder ,but it made my bones turned soar!!

Today while going to sleep,my roommate found it open,
She was excited to flee,but for me this situation was similar to clopen!!

“You want this for so many days, then why r u in doubt?”
She continued-we can fly,will make friends in the sun and would 

Have fun..common u moron ,let’s run!!!

Seeing me lagging my decision,she opened the door without it creaking,
My friends,the sky ,the freedom,the trees-all are calling me -I said to myself tweeting!!

Today I feel homely and comfortable at this place and I don’t know why,
She looked behind just to see me lost in my thoughts,and sneakingly. She had her fly!!

Seeing her fly,I have the whole night to make a decision-I thought,
“Maybe one day flying across places,I can make myself get caught!!”

“So what?Before that I can make the most beautiful fly for once in my life”,
“But what if they will cut each of my organ with the knife!!”

Atleast I am safe here and the lady gives me food to eat,
Outside there are many hunters,and I don’t want myself to be served as meat!!

There I can meet new people and will learn,
The soothing wind will heal me,if the sun  made me burn!!!

Then,why something is holding me back  to remain in here,
The risk that land holds with it-i m stuck in that fear!!

So what?with risk comes freedom which I have longed for so many years,
I stepped one foot out – I took the decision as my mind gears!!

Just then,I realised the sun came up and the lights cracked in,
The lady gave me chillies and locked up the tin..

My thoughts which wrapped me around have not left me by then,
Why haven’t you left with her,asked the hen!!

I still don’t know the exact reason to throw,
Open the door once more- and then I will show!!


From a Woman to a woman

“Do you know Shikha?”

“Who Shikha?”
“Arreee!!the one who is in xyz project?”
“No…I don’t know anyone like Shikha.”
“AAree the one who puts a lot of  makeup.”
“Arre the one who has an affair with two men of our office only..”.
“Ohhhh!!!dat girl!The one who is found in the washroom always,adjusting her dress and putting makeup…”
And then afterwards what happens ?…and the two women continued the talk on their whole metro ride…not a single professional thing..all of her private life was discussed…from choosing her men and how many men to her makeup preferences, everything was judged….OF A WOMAN BY A WOMAN!
Another story
Two women in a society were single.One was sheila.her past-she is divorcee(her husband left her just after the marriage as he had another woman in his life).
Another one is deepti.her past-She had a boyfriend all these years which was eventually known to everybody in the society and now she had broken up with him cordially..
Both the women are in breaking news of the society…
“Sheila’s life had been ruined by her husband..she was such a nice girl -never complained about anything,wore everything what her mother suggested her and now see….how that man ruined her life….we don’t know how her parents’going to find next men for him…”
“Arre….I was worried about Deepti….atleast Sheila’s life was ruined by her husband.this girl had herself ruined her life by having an affair with a man before marriage”
“Arre Haan…I have heard she had sex with him”
“Now who is going to marry her?I don’t think a girl like her should marry anyone”
Both the single women were the hot topics to talk upon for the aunty’s in the society…one was being sympathized as she was polite and never took a stand of her own instead she gave powers to her parents to do that…(sailent feature:Remember if you want to live in India you should know how to take sympathy from the people ..they give sympathy to every  person whom they consider as weak and critizes every person  who stands on his own and make his/her own choices..)on the other hand deepti  was criticized as she made her own decisions…she had her own stand …And once again WOMEN WERE JUDGED BY WOMEN…they forget one essential point that both the women had their individual preferences.And both chose different options.
Pink was appreciated by all..Many people went to the cinema halls…though it’s motive was to spread awareness among men about woman empowerment.maybe they themselves dint know how empower woman is….Maybe they themselves not realized that women empowerment comes FROM A WOMAN TO A WOMAN..Woman doesnot need anyone to empower her.She is empowered from herself…and from their it circulates to rest of the section of the society which is men..I believe WOMEN is the main part of the society from which everything originates….they not only give birth to a baby…along with baby they give birth to amalgam of thoughts which they feed in their baby and these thoughts prevail in our society for the upcoming years……they give birth to the future of society….because that person and his thought is going to mold atleast 2 person’s thoughts and behaviour…and according to  Population Census of India,2011 it was revealed that the population ratio of India 2011 is 940 females per 1000 of males.So if 1 woman has the capacity to mold 3 person’s behaviour and thought towards another woman-I don’t think we would need a movie or a novel to aware people on women empowerment.
So,if a woman herself knows what actually is woman empowerment,then rest of the things are assured.if a woman knows how to respect another woman despite of her preferences..if a woman knows how to feel positive about other woman’s preferences…if a woman realises that all women are different and have their own way to live life,to wear clothes-be it short or long,to have a partner-whether 2 or 3 or 4 ,to have sex -before or after marriage, whether to drink or not..whether they make their own choices or they are dependent on their parent..whether to raise a voice or not…’s all a choice of an individual person…and a woman should also enjoy all of her choices..and if our Indian woman realises this -I believe every thing which originates from her  will respect another woman….and remember everything originates from a woman….